The CALATRAVA name originates from the order of knights founded in the twelfth century in Castile (nowadays: Spain) as a military branch of the great Cistercian family.

The name has soon become a synonym for courage and success – the common virtues of people managing the property of CALATRAVA CAPITAL S.A. which is a universal investment entity implementing a flexible, agressive investment strategy.

CALATRAVA CAPITAL SA is an independent investment company running diversified activity within mergers and takeovers, restructuring of companies and ventures characterized by non-standard investment risk.


Łucka 2/4/6
00 - 845 Warszawa

t. (022) 398 96 71

f. (022) 398 96 72

NIP - 729-020-77-52
REGON - ID 004 35 80 52
KRS – 0000 01 75 21